Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vintage Fabric and Rolled Flowers

A few years ago my grandma went through her many boxes of fabric scraps that she has collected over many decades of sewing. When I was little she made me many dresses. Most Christmases, until I was in High School, included something handmade by Grandma. As I dug through several of her boxes I was shocked to find familiar scraps of fabric. A purple polk-a-dot piece, a remnant from a dress I had with puff sleeves, made me cry.

Unsure what to do with the fabric because I knew I wasn't ready to tackle the quilt I wanted to make from some of the scraps, I ended up packing it all up and storing it... until this evening.

I've seen these rolled fabric flowers, you know the kind you see all over blogland in headbands, necklaces, and embellishments of all kinds. No sewing. A little time with scissors, vintage fabric, and a glue gun and I have two cute flowers hair clips.

Here's the funky vintage fabric.

And here is one of the rolled flowers. Mercy has requested one in pink, so I'm off to dig through Grandma's stash.

Thank you Grandma Cook. I love you!

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