Saturday, October 16, 2010


Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 6th Grade, 1984-85

I was looking at the blog of a teacher who taught in Haiti when I did, about a decade ago. She taught first grade. I had this overwhelming wishing that my kids were going to grow up attending Quisqueya Christian School in Haiti, where I grew up attending. I had some pretty amazing teachers. Some of the teachers had many years of experience, some were fresh out of university. They all seemed to care immensely about us.

Don't misunderstand, Daniel has the best teacher in world. We are so blessed. He's in public school here in the United States and he has a teacher who knows Jesus, just like he does. But, I just had this wishing for my kids to share in some of the blessings that I had, because they were very good, too.

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