Monday, November 22, 2010

A Snowy Day Children's Book Review

There seems to be no end to my stack of books. I love that. With the snow coming down hard I'm glad I snagged so many from the library. We haven't touched the holiday ones yet (except for The Polar Express). If it keeps snowing like this and school gets cancelled we'll just have to dig into those ones too. But, until then... here's what we are reading.

Silly Little Goose, by Nancy Tafuri
3 Stars... Delightful book. Great author. Safe.

A Isn't for Fox, by Wendy Ulmer
4 Stars... Such a fun book and an interesting take on learning your ABC's. It made my kids laugh and they were totally engaged. Great illustrations. Fun. Fun. Go put it on hold.

It's Quacking Time!, by Martin Waddell
3 Stars.. I love how the little duckling repeated everything he was told. Reminds me so much of Daniel especially. Fun.

Some Pig!, by E.B. White
2 Stars... So disappointing. Nothing happened. It was like reading the first chapter of a book. I recognize that they attempted to take a small bite of a novel, but it was disappointing.

All You Ever Need, by Max Lucado
5 Stars... I love that as soon as I read the name of the author Daniel knew we'd already read another book by Max Lucado. It seems that Lucado only writes books worth reading. This book was convicting to me as an adult and was so easy to discuss with my five year old son. If you put one book on hold today, make it this one!

John, Paul, George, and Ben, by Lane Smith
4 Stars... This book made me laugh out loud. This book was great, though not the reading and comprehension level of my kids. Still funny. An interesting take on the best quality trait of each of five of our American Founding Fathers. I didn't give it five stars because it did use "shut up" which I felt was inappropriate in a children's book. My kids are still young enough that I could get away with changing those words. A shame because otherwise I would recommend this book unreservedly.

Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia, by Peggy Parish
4 Stars... I love Amelia Bedelia. I loved them as a kid. My oldest is starting to get the humor and I love to hear him laugh. As all the books in this series it's great for teaching kids that the same word can have multiple meanings and how easy it is to misunderstand. Cute.

Thomas and the School Trip, by Rev. W. Awdry
2 Stars... If your child loves Thomas, pick this one up, otherwise probably not worth the effort.

The Bible for Young Children, paraphrased by Marie-Helene Delval
4 Stars... I am always on the lookout for good versions of Bible stories for kids. Because I know the Bible stories the illustrations are the most important thing. This book was good for giving a very, very, very brief summary (think title and subtitle) of dozens of Bible stories. I filled in as I read to my kids, giving lots of opportunity for interacting. Don't rely on this to give any depth of the stories, however. Is good for giving the big picture or story line often lost when you hear a Bible story here or there, out of historical sequence. Easy to sit and read through in one sitting.

A Bumblebee Sweater, by Betty Waterton
3 Stars... Fun story. I am drawn to any book with a red-headed child. Mercy enjoyed the story, Daniel was disinterested.

My personal star rating system:
0 Stars... Couldn't even read the whole thing to my kids.
1 Stars... Read the whole thing, just because I hate to stop halfway through.
2 Stars... Read it. Okay. Wouldn't check it out again. Probably won't even read it again while we have it still checked out.
3 Stars... Read it. Good. Will read multiple times while we have it checked out. Kid reaction will determine whether or not we'd check it out again.
4 Stars... Read it. Very good. Believe the content benefits the kids enough to make the effort to check it out again.
5 Stars... Read it. Love it. Content not only benefits the kids, but moves them.

I do NOT have a degree in Children's Literature. I didn't even major in Literature. I'm just a mom who likes to read to her three kids, ages five, four, and two. My opinions are heavily influenced by the fact that my husband and I are Christians who love Jesus and want to raise our children in the things of the Lord. If that's not you, my reviews will likely be meaningless.

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  1. I love, love, LOVE your book reviews, Cami! What a wonderful idea! You are such an inspiration - we'll be going to the library as soon as possible after Thanksgiving, and get ourselves a stack of books, too. :)