Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving treats, dress-up, and twirly skirts

Found myself at the end of another week. Three kids tucked in their beds. They may not yet be sleeping, but they are quiet. The rhythmic chug of the dishwasher is such a pleasing sound (because I can actually hear it).

It's quiet enough to do some reflecting on the week. I'm so thankful when I have some pictures to look back at. Otherwise it's tricky to remember what we did.

Monday is typically our "down-day". We often need it to recover from the weekend. The kids were playing dress-up. When I snuck up on them with the camera I found...
...a princess, angel who was building things,

...and a brave knight.

Monday night was the storm. Our power was out around ten. We got the kids up and put them in the living room with us, the safest place in the house, since we have trees on three sides. It was a long night that reminded me of the first night of our road trip to Mississippi when we thought it was a good idea to drive through the night. Everyone woke up a little bit grumpy on Tuesday morning. The electricity was still out and we needed to decide what to do about our scheduled photo shoot in Sammamish. I told Eric that the only thing worse than not making it in the book about redheads was making it in looking like I did without being able to do my hair. Providence would have it that the photographer was sick and we had to reschedule. Merci, Bon Dieu!

So there was plenty of time the rest of the day (after the power was back on) for dancing in twirly skirts and reading. And Daniel wanted to do school after he learned he was missing school. First he asked if Daddy and I were going to get in trouble since he wasn't at school. I explained about excused absences. Still, he wanted to do his morning work, followed by rug time. Can you tell he thrives on routine?
Last night, before the kids were in bed I snuck away to the library. I brought home these. I knew we were going to need them to get through the weekend without Dad. Check back later. I hope to review at least some of them and let you know what I thought was worth checking out again sometime.
Then Daddy went away. I realize I make that sound dramatic. It is. After the first dinner without him they start asking when he will be back. So, today was intentionally special. I don't know if I do that more for me or the kids when Daddy is gone. Whatever the case, it helps us get through until his return.

We made these awesome treat bags for Thanksgiving to give to people we are thankful for. (Think teachers, bus drivers, Sunday School teachers, MOPPET helpers...). Dump all five ingredients into a big bowl. Mix. (Remember to pull out a bit to eat yourself.)
Pretend the Bugles are horns.
Package with a pretty bow. Go here to one of my favorite blogs to get the recipe and downloadable tag. Each of the ingredients actually represents something. How cool is that!

We had Breakfast Dinner tonight, one of my kids favorites. We only do that when Daddy is gone, because Daddy is not a fan of breakfast food at dinner time. So it's a treat. The kids clear their plates without complaint.

We had pink milkshakes for dessert, too.

After reading a small mountain of books the kids were all tucked into bed by seven.

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