Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Ideas

I know husbands everywhere groan as Christmas approaches and they have to shop for their wife. Whether it's because they don't know what to get to be sure to please their wife, or they don't want to spend the amount of money they think it will take to please their wife, their dread is somewhat understandable. Face it ladies, we aren't always easy to buy for. If we are honest, we do gauge just how much we feel loved by the effort our hubbies put into delighting not just the kids at Christmas, but us too.

I am a believer in communicating. My husband might sometimes think over-communicating (until he misunderstands, then I didn't communicate well at all). So I'm just going to get my ideas out there for him, links and all. And Sweetheart, you'll notice I have section at the bottom of ideas that will only cost you your time, since I know the holiday season causes you stress as you anticipate the Discover bill arriving.

These are a few things I found that I would love if my dear husband wrapped up for me.
1. Who wouldn't love to pad around the house in either these or these adorable slippers.
2. And this scarf and mitten/glove set is so fun and festive.
3. I like this dressier one too, though a cheaper counterpart is available here and is just fine by me.
4. And any of this jewelry, all found here,  would make me feel so pretty.

And if my dear hubby is looking for something to stuff in my "stocking" I do so love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Just saying.

But if he is wanting to cut back on money spent this year, which I know he is always thinking about doing, then I have just a few more ideas...

Coupons that you are truly willing to let me cash in on when I've had rough day would be treasured and likely clung to for those meltdown moments. Like three or four "I'll make dinner tonight, hand me the recipe." Or, half a dozen, "I'll put the kids to bed solo tonight."

Or even the promise of a surprise day off sometime within the next month or two. One that isn't promised helping the in-laws, or working on the shed, or hunting, or changing the oil on the vehicles, or cutting up wood for the church. If he arranged to have the children gone for the day, that would be lovely too.

Or because you know how clutter drives me nuts, one or two Saturday dedicated strictly to cleaning out the garage and moving everything possible to the shed.

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