Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Daily 2010 | Day Fourteen

I remember reading in a book once about organization about my personality and thinking, Oh my, that's me. Wow, no wonder my house isn't in the shape I want it to be. I learned that day that one of the things I do is continually think of ways to make something better and I want to reorganize and reorganize and reorganize, always looking for the more perfect solution, instead of picking a method and following through until completion.

Here I am in the middle of my December Daily and I have to force myself to stop thinking about how I'd like to change what I'm doing. If I have to go back and redo all the pages I've already done I'll never ever finish and it will just be another project I didn't complete. So... I'm plugging along, fighting the urge to change up the design. It's painful!

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