Friday, December 17, 2010

December Daily 2010 | Day Sixteen

Today's focus has been about putting a little Christmas gift together for Daniel's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. A. Daniel's kindergarten experience has been so positive, in big part because of his amazing teacher, so I wanted to do something nice, useful, so she wouldn't end up with one more Christmas mug with candy.

I found these pretty folders in a three-pack. Then I read somewhere in blogland about how to transform simple pens into something pretty by cutting small sleeves of colored paper and inserting them in the top. So I picked some colors that coordinated with the folders. No Christmas gift would be complete without candy. Since Mrs. A. loves chocolate (by her own confession) we made some Chocolate Billionaires. Daniel insisted we taste-test them before we gave them to her. Yummy!

No teacher gift would be complete without a personalized note from the student. Daniel sat down and drew a picture with all his family members, including himself. Labeled us all, so Mrs. A. would know who each one was. He included his phone number. When Daddy saw it he asked Daniel if he was hoping Mrs. A. would call him. If Mrs. A. is my son's first crush I'm pleased, his taste is good and I don't need to worry about his choice in girls.

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  1. What a sweet gift! I enjoy looking at your pages each day. Thank you for sharing them!