Monday, December 13, 2010

December Daily 2010 | Day Twelve


Today I really wanted a photo of the kids walking into church with their daddy. Seems appropriate somewhere during the month to get that shot. But it didn't happen this morning. We almost didn't all make it to church because Gracie was falling apart, again, this morning. I did bring the camera because the kids were supposed to sing a two songs at the beginning of service. They refused to go up front, claiming they didn't know all the words. Untrue. They've been singing them under their breath all week. But my kids aren't exhibitionists, quite the opposite. They wouldn't leave the safety of Dad and Grandma. So no perfect picture of them singing their hearts out up front either.

I had great hopes that today would also involve a trip to The Lights of Christmas, the greatest lights display just ten minutes from home, where I used to work. But Mercy refused to eat her lunch. We made the mistake of making The Lights a motivator to do, so we couldn't all go. Eric had to go over to take some recording equipment to a friend who was running the sound and needed to record one of the performances, so he took Daniel, who was delighted to have a little one on one time with Dad.

When they got home it was pasted dinner time, so Eric made dinner, offering the kids peanut butter sandwiches with chocolate chips and melted marshmallows. Really? Yep! Daniel was over the moon excited. Everyone wanted one. Nobody finished theirs. Ended up sounding a whole lot more exciting than it tasted.

Mercy spent a good part of the evening climbed up on Daddy's lap. She showed him the book we got from the library with ideas for decorating kids' rooms. She picked out a room that was pink, pink, pink. Big surprise.

When I tucked Daniel in to bed tonight I noticed he'd decorated his Christmas tree with nuts and bolts from his Step 2 work bench. Made me smile.

A perfectly perfect day, even if I didn't get the pictures I'd hoped for. There's still next Sunday.

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