Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Handmade Home

I love to wander around blogland. You can't wander without running into blog after blog after blog of beautifully handmade items. Those who sit at home and make lovely things with their own two hands intrigues me and inspires me.

When I spend too much time or I feel inadequate since my attempts at handmade are more expensive, less attractive, and less functional than the purchased counterpart. I try to remember that these bloggers make an art of making it look much easier than it is. True some are just incredibly gifted. Some have spent years developing their craft. Some simply don't show you their stack of "mistakes". And yes, some are just that good that they get it right the first time. Not me.

Every year when Christmas gets closer I think about what I might be able to make myself for someone for Christmas. One year I actually did it. I made a bunch of felt food for my sweet Mercy. I spent hours and hours and hours hand sewing baked goods, fruits and veggies. They turned out really cute. I loved them. But I think that's the only time it has turned out successfully. And I probably spent more on supplies than I meant to. Was it worth it? Two years later she is still playing with much of her felt food. But she's also playing with her Barbie cash register and her baby doll from Target.

This year I'm not going to beat myself up over not making anything handmade. Unless you count the yummy food treats.

If you want to be inspired and maybe even try something new, then look here, then look here, and here, and here, and stop here too. But be sure to stop before you feel insufficient in who God made you to be.

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  1. that is totally me! I see something and love it and want to make it, spend a ton on buying the materials and then... it never turns out or I don't have time to make it what I want it. :) I did it TWICE already this year. One of them is wonderful and I hope to save it and give it next year when I have time to finish it properly. I'm also going to lay off the baking.. I can get pretty crazy doing that too and it can add up! :) Please share some of your fun Christmas baking recipes though!