Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lego Party

The last couple of days we have been in party planning mode. We're having a Lego Birthday Party for Daniel who is turning six. I haven't obsessed quite like I did planning last year's Star Wars birthday party. Still, I created plenty of work for myself. I've been known to get carried away on a few decorative details, spending too much time on one element. This year I spent more time than was probably wise on the Lego Garland/Streamers. But when you get an idea and you think it's going to be really cute and you can work on it while watching something on Hulu, it's hard to resist.

Birthday Party Invitation: We went really simple. I found a photo of Daniel with one of his creations. It wasn't an actual kit. I wanted to celebrate the creative aspect of Lego Bricks. So we took the photo and just put a simple invite on the front. I printed the photos and attached them to a card made out of white card stock. All the details of the party were on the inside. Super simple. I didn't know yet what direction I was going with the party, so they didn't really mirror any design element at the party.

Happy Birthday Banner: I've never made one of these simple banners. I took my color palette. I used Recollections Cardstock Paper in Primary. The colors were perfect, yellow, red, and blue, plus two secondary colors, orange and green. Very festive, very fun. With my black and white printer I printed the letters on white card stock and then placed them on the colored background. No color printing needed.

Lego Garland/Streamers: These I got a little carried away with. I won't lie. They took a long time. If I'd had a circle punch the right size it would have dramatically cut down on the labor. If I did it again I'd splurge on the $13 one I saw at Michaels. It's worth it. I used the foam sticker adhesive to give the three dimensional quality to the locking part of the Lego Brick. I attached these to a thin ribbon (I happened to have orange on hand). I love how they turned out and will probably find a way to use them in Daniel's room after the party.

Table Decorations: Again I stayed simple. We wrapped the table in dark blue craft paper. Then we took a strip of yellow wrapping paper to add a punch of color and brighten things up. I used clear plastic cups to put Lego bricks in, which added great color. We had red plates and napkins when the cupcakes came out.

Lego Cupcakes and Toppers: I saw such cute Lego cake ideas on line. But I read a horror story or two that suggested it wasn't quite as easy as it sounded. Wanting to eliminate cake related frustration and mess (I'm not a great cake decorator, even though at one point I invested in some supplies), I decided we'd do cupcakes and cupcake toppers. My brother is allowing us to use his color printer for a while and so I was able to design and print them myself. I used green straws I had on hand for the topper sticks because I didn't have the real thing on hand. I think they turned out really cute.

Details: My son didn't go to Preschool so all of these kids (and parents, except for a couple) are new to me. I'm guessing some of them are new to each other too. To make it easier on myself, I decided to make name tags. The ones for the kids were too much work, but turned out cute. (Yes those are itty-bitty paper Lego Bricks that are just like the garland, only smaller, actual Lego-size, stuck on to 2"x4" mailing labels.) I even made name tags for the parents. I am terrible with names. I had a place for them to put whose parent they are too.

Party Games: We'd planned a relatively short party, so I didn't feel the need to plan a lot of games. Daniel's last party we only ended up doing two games because there were SO many kids. This year we aren't anticipating as many, so I have a few more organized games planned.
Guess How Many Lego Bricks
  • Lego Drop
  • Lego Tower
  • Lego Creation
  • Lego Free Play

Party Favors: Honestly I was a little stressed about this and it ended up being the easiest thing ever. We were able to get small Lego Atlantic sets for the boys. One of the things we do for parties is let the siblings of the birthday kid invite one friend to play with them while the party is going on. Gracie invited her cousin (a boy) who's just a month younger than her. I decided to bag some of the edible Lego brick candy that I was using for the Lego guessing game. Mercy is at the age where only a girl will do and she was very adamant about having something a "girl thing". I took plain clipboards (the small notepad size) and decorated by adhering a pretty glittery scrapbook paper on the front. Then I made a small coloring book of Mercy's favorite princesses. Instead of crayons, because every household already has lots and lots of crayons, I added one of those fun pens that you click at the top to get different colors. I remember loving those as a kid.

Now to clean our bathrooms before the guests arrive. If you ask my mother that was what I should have done FIRST before any of these other things (that I enjoy doing a WHOLE lot more)!


  1. It looks super cute!!! Have fun & happy birthday to your oldest!

  2. Very cute, Cami/Martha...that is one lucky boy!

  3. Wow Cami! You are amazing! Everything is so fun and cute! Happy Birthday, D. - and have a great day!

  4. it was amazing! Thanks for the super fun time!

  5. How fun! And what a beautiful job! Lucky guy! Mine will be 8 in august and this is exactly the party he would love. I'll be saving this post=)
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