Friday, December 17, 2010

Teacher Gifts

For as long as I've been blogging I have been looking forward to Daniel being in school so that I could start doing teacher gifts. I'm amazed at the cute ideas you can find when spending far too much time in blogland.

The idea I decided on for Daniel's teacher this year was extremely simple. As I become more practiced I might get more complicated, but for now, simple is good.

Everything I read suggested going with practical items. Avoid the Christmas mugs with candy. (Funny, I got my very first Christmas mug with candy as a gift this year and I love, love, love mine. Maybe it's because it was the first, so I'm NOT saying don't ever give a mug. I love mine. I'll be posting a picture of it's cuteness tomorrow. I guarantee you'll want one too when you see this one.)

I found these really great pocket folders in super cool patterns. I would have paid a good amount for these cute folders, but I got lucky. Really, really lucky. This three-pack cost me a dime. Yes, you read that right, a dime. They were clearance at Bartells (I'm in there far too often, just ask my husband, it's where I buy my pop) and I happened into them!

I did do little custom tags to personalize. They look like this, except I put the teacher's name. I just cut it out and stuck in on the folders, nothing fancy.

Next I purchased two packages of plain black pens at Wal-Mart. (The pens cost me less than five dollars.) I took scrapbook scraps in coordinating colors (to match the folders) and cut little rectangular pieces to slide into the top of the pens. The paper I used was a little thicker than I should have used, but it's what I had. If you are buying for this project the thinner pretty paper works better. (I saw this pen idea multiple places. I can't remember where I saw it first, but you can see it here, if you need more explanation. I only did the pen part.)

Last we made Chocolate Billionaires. This was inspired by another gift I received at MOPS last Tuesday from my mentor mom and friend, Linda. (Thank-you, Linda.) She made the most delicious chocolates ever. I ate every last one in a single sitting. So, I went on the hunt for a recipe, using ingredients I had on hand that sounded like what I'd tasted. These probably aren't an exact match, but they were good. I found the recipe here. The only modification I did was used Special Dark Chocolate chips instead of Milk Chocolate chips, because they were what I had on hand. Some I completely covered in chocolate and some I just dipped the bottom in. Both were yummy! Again, I used all stuff I had on hand for this part of the gift.

Daniel, finished off the gift by drawing a picture for Mrs. A., the world's best kindergarten teacher ever.

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  1. Precious! Daniel's teacher will love it all; you are so creative!