Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chore Charts & Chore Tickets

A new year means it's time to revisit the kids' chores.
I redid their chore charts to coincide with the revisions we've made. The girls charts have photos of their tasks, since they don't read yet. They are young enough and their personalities such that a little instant reward is also helpful. So, for them, I've made laminated stars that they can stick on as they go. I just use a little rolled masking tape on the back so they stick easily (and remove easily for reuse) to the laminated chore charts. (My husband got me a small laminator from Costco last year for my birthday. I love it!)

Gracie is two and a half. Her chores include:

  • Making her bed (with help)
  • Putting her laundry in the laundry basket
  • Hanging up her coat
  • Putting her shoes away
  • Putting away her toys in their proper place

Mercy is four and her list is the same except she doesn't require help.

Daniel just turned six. His list includes:

  • Make his bed
  • Put his laundry in the laundry basket
  • Put school backpack away
  • Hang up coat
  • Put shoes away
  • Pick up toys and put away in proper place
  • Clean bathroom counter (after everyone has brushed their teeth)
  • Plus, one daily "extra" (different each day, on Saturday it includes helping Daddy outside with his chores)

The kids have to accomplish EVERYTHING on their chore list for the day to receive a Chore Ticket. In our house the Chore Ticket has a value of fifty cents. My husband thinks the recession should hit them too, but I'm okay with fifty cents. They can use their chore tickets for a variety of things. Sometimes it even goes towards room decor items or special ice cream treat trips to Dairy Queen.

The visual reminders are not only good for the kids, but they help me keep on them about their chores. I'm learning they are only as disciplined as I am.


  1. I LOVE this idea! How old were your kids when you started the chore chart? Judah will be 2 on the 19th....when should I start something simple with him?

  2. I have stalked your vision on this for some time... have tried to implement simliar systems and haven't found a system that works for all... How much can I pay you to make these cute charts for us... I have standards for what hangs on my walls and lack the expertise you have to get the final product! I would love a detailed "key" for the "worths of your chorse tickets... like behavior and the like. I like that they have to finish ALL of the chores on the chart to get the ticket at the end of the day. Can they ever lose a ticket? Help me?

  3. To Angela: My kids were two and three, I believe, when I started the whole chore ticket thing. The charts I've been less consistent on, but it REALLY helps. We used to keep track on their calendar, but then I was less careful at making sure they had completed ALL their chores. The chore tickets are great at ELIMINATING the ask at the store because they know it's up to them to save up for something they want. We do control when they are allowed to take their tickets to the store too. I don't think it's ever too early to start with chores, just make them age appropriate. There are helpful lists all over the internet.

  4. To Kim: I'd love to make charts for you, for free because I like you :) Just get me the specs of what you want of it and photos (your own, because I think it's important for the kids to see their own stuff). Worth... we actually have a couple of systems. Video tickets are really about good/bad attitude during the day (unrelated to chores). They can earn video time for being caught with exceptionally good behavior. The only time I've taken away chore tickets already earned is when Mercy was potty training. Essentially I was making her pay for using an unnecessary number of pull-ups because she was being lazy. That didn't end up working for her anyway. She loves a surprise reward (unwrapping a gift), so that's what ended up motivating her. You really have to do trial and error to find out what works for your kid.