Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daytime Date

This week was peppered with activities. Each day had at least one adventure. Yesterday and today we got to stay home all day, but not alone. Yesterday Daniel had a new friend from kindergarten come over to play. Today we had a sweet brother and sister come play so that their mommy and daddy could have a little date (yes, in the middle of the day).
Little M is so cute. Look at that expression!

I had my mom come over to help out. I'm not confident enough to have five kids solo if I can request an extra set of hands. I was reminded that it's been a while since Gracie was Little M's age. You can't butter toast too easily while holding an infant on your hip. It's making me wish we hadn't passed along the bumbo.

Big brother E had fun coloring with Gracie for quite awhile, in between sessions of playing with cars and kid-friendly bowling.

Little M obviously feels comfortable with a camera. The minute I pulled it out it was all grins and giggles for the camera. Her mommy is a photographer.

 Mercy was begging to hold her, from the second she arrived. I finally conceded, with my hand doing ninety percent of the holding, of course.

We all had so much fun and we're hoping it won't be very long before they come back again. Little M and E are so easy. The only little problem we had was some jealousy that flared up with my Gracie when the camera came out and she wasn't the one the lens was focused on. But Grandma Cook just took her back to the bedroom and had some one-on-one play time and the world was good again.
 When everyone went home Gracie pulled out her books and started to "read". You can see the remains of a "fort" in the background. What a great day!

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  1. What a fun day! It looks like all the kids had a great time together. The pictures of Mercy holding baby M are my favorite....Mercy is a natural. :)