Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Etiquette of Thank You Cards

Have you noticed that hardly anyone does thank you cards anymore?

With family members sending Christmas gifts thousands of miles, I learned at an early age the value of a simple thank you card. I'm trying to train my children that same value. It's a lot harder to impress their value on a child when the giver is sitting there when they tear open the gift with enthusiasm and shout "Thank-you!" loudly across the room as they closely examine the new toy.

Daniel had a birthday party last week and was blessed to have a bunch of little boys come to celebrate and they all brought gifts. Once I made the cards I sat down with him to write thank you notes to each of the boys who had generously brought such fun gifts.

We took care of the notes in three sittings. He dictated what he wanted to write to me. I wrote it down legibly for him. He then had to copy down what he'd said on the card himself. It took a long time. When you are six and have just started writing words it is good hard work.

I was proud of my son when he finished. We celebrated by using one of those great gifts to entertain all three kids while Mommy made a batch of cookies for dessert. (Thank-you J.T.!)

How do you instill gratitude in your kids?

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  1. My mom always made us sit down and write a short note of thanks for a thoughtful gift or even for "time spent with" experiences. Even if you have said thank you in person. Writing a note shows "continued gratitude" and speaks a different "love langauge" as well. I have noticed that most folks don't do this anymore and I think it is rude and a shame. Ranks right up there with "e-mail christmas greetings" in my book. I am sure there have been times and will be times where I drop the ball on this... but I do try. I love a sweet short hand written note that comes in the good 'ol snail mail. Call me old fashioned... but I like it. I am trying to teach my children to do the same. Our thank you notes this year for Christmas included a photo of the kids holding signs that read "Thank you & Happy New Year". Good for you Cami for taking the time with Daniel to help & nuture gratitude in his growing heart.