Friday, January 7, 2011

Hand-knit Cowl

I didn't even know what a cowl was until recently. I grew up in the Caribbean, that's my excuse. But I stumbled across a couple of cute ones when looking for gifts my husband could buy me for Christmas. (Yes, quite a selfish pursuit.) They were lots more expensive than I thought they should be for a glorified cross between a scarf and overgrown turtleneck. So I stopped looking at them.

But then I started looking again, this time for a project to keep my hands busy in the evening (so I don't snack as much when I'm watching hulu with my sweet man). After a few free online knitting video tutorials I made this cozy cowl. I love it. I'm sure I didn't do everything quite like a skilled knitter might. I didn't even follow a pattern (mostly because I don't know how to read all those abbreviations that I'm too lazy to learn for something meant to just keep my hands busy). I just knit until I thought it should be done. I twisted the tub I'd created and stitched the ends together. (I didn't have the right kind of needle, so I used a safety pin. Silly. I know.)

It was a really inexpensive project. It cost me some knitting needles (I didn't have any, but used a 40% off coupon at Michaels) and one 7 oz package of Red Heart Super Saver yarn (less than $3). Next time I might choose a fancier yarn. I didn't know how much it would take, so I went with the cheap stuff.

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  1. Ooo... well done! I think I might try one of those, they are very fashionable right now!