Monday, February 28, 2011

Adventure Redefined | Puzzles. Markers. Bills.

Am I the only one who finds puzzles calming? They slow the whole world down. Perfect for being warm and cozy inside while the snow falls. We worked on a puzzle all weekend, finishing it Sunday morning when we would have been in church had it not been cancelled because of the weather.
The girls used markers on bright red paper. A treat. Mercy indulged for over an hour. Gracie lost the privilege when after two warnings a marker still came too close to her new pajamas. Tears and sadness.
Gracie eventually changed focus and had multiple conversations with the various puzzle pieces.
Daddy paid bills. What a good man.

We asked the kids many times if they wanted to go outside and sled. No. So Eric and I let them watch part of a video and we went out and took a few trips down the hill without them. Brief. But we had too much fun to remember to take pictures.

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