Sunday, February 27, 2011

Family Adventure | Snow Day Sledding

I love what a good Daddy Eric is to our three kids. Eric had to stay home from work two days to take care of me. In the wee hours of the morning last Wednesday I woke him up and informed him he H.A.D. to stay home from work and get me to the doctor. Eric drives the van pool and staying home isn't a decision ever taken lightly because it affects a half a dozen of other employees. In addition we had eight inches of snow and he was going to have to dig us out first. Oh yeah, and take care of three kids ages six, four, and two.

Did I mention he loves me? He did it all without complaining.

On day two of taking care of mommy and being super dad he asked if he could go outside and prepare a sled run for the kids. I was on antibiotics by this time and was feeling a little better, though still tiring out pretty quickly. So of course I said, YES!

 Daddy testing the run.
 A ton of snow.
 Heading back up for another trip down.
 Trying to pack the snow down for a smooth ride for the kids.
 Daniel finally getting a turn.
 The girls, still waiting for their turn. I had to go in at this point.
We had so much snow that he was able to make the sled run twice as long as we have had in the past. He stayed out with the kids for about a half hour (as long as they can handle at this age). I was out for about five minutes and snapped only a few pictures, none of which were outstanding.

Hopefully I will be able to post more pictures from later in the weekend when they get to play some more in this beautiful rare PNW snow.


  1. what happened to your daughters wintercoats they are wearing here now they are grown out of it?

    1. I gave them away, quite a while ago.