Thursday, February 17, 2011

Children's Book Review

We've been reading, so I thought it was high time I sat down and told you what I thought of some of the books we've been reading.

Hurry! Hurry!, by Eve Bunting
2.5 Stars... This book might be particularly fun if you have a baby brother or sister on the way. The author gets all the animals excited and running towards the big event... sweet.

How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight?, by Varsha Bajaj
3.5 Stars... I really liked this one. Sweet. This one could be a bedtime favorite. If your child loves, loves, loves repetition, this one might be a really good fit for you. It gives Mommy or Daddy lots of opportunities to smother their child in many kisses. My youngest LOVES kisses and she liked this book.

All Tutus Should Be Pink, by Sheri Brownrigg
3 Stars... I won't check it out again, but Mercy liked it because she currently loves anything that has to do with dancing of any kind. But it wasn't an annoying book. When she starts to learn to read and needs to have books to read out loud this one would work well.

The Wild Leaf Ride, by The Magic School Bus
4 Stars... We love The Magic School Bus at our house. The one thing about most of the books that I have hard is that you cannot sit down and read them quickly. There is SO much in them. What I like about this one is that it's a Level 2 reading level, so you can sit and read it and learn something if you only have five minutes. Very good read.

Too Many Toys, by David Shannon
3 Stars... I might be one of the few people on the planet who doesn't like David Shannon, I don't know, but his children's books seems to be so popular. I wouldn't have even checked this one out except that it was an accident. I'm actually glad I did. What I don't like about Shannon is that his characters are usually naughty. I don't really like books where the main character is naughty. My kids aren't naughty consistently. They have naughty moments and we correct the behavior. His characters are treated a bit like naughty is just expected and normal and really not a big deal. It's a big deal in our house. But back to this book. This book is really about collecting TOO many toys and needing to deal with getting rid of some. What I didn't like is that the kid "negotiated" with the mom. In our house, we don't really give our kids the right to negotiate with us. But I could kind of understand. I wish the author had used terminology that suggested giving CHOICES to the child. It hasn't changed my mind about Shannon, however.

Leo Cockroach... Toy Tester, by Kevin O'Malley
4.5 Stars... Loved this book! It had me cracking up. The illustrations were hilarious and so beautifully done. Love, love, love it. Had me laughing out loud. We decided we have to read more by O'Malley! Go put it on hold at your library!

Knuffle Bunny, by Mo Willems
3.5 Stars... We have favorite stuffed animals in this house, so we enjoyed this and experienced the horror they all experienced when the bunny was GONE!! The illustrations were interesting. I liked them but they puzzled my daughter. I don't think she liked the mixing of photographs with the cartoon type drawings. Still, worth reading.

I'll be back with more over the next few days. I have a stack here that we've already read, plus I'm hoping to make another trip to the library today or tomorrow! Yippee!

My personal star rating system:
0 Stars... Couldn't even read the whole thing to my kids.
1 Stars... Read the whole thing, just because I hate to stop halfway through.
2 Stars... Read it. Okay. Wouldn't check it out again. Probably won't even read it again while we have it still checked out.
3 Stars... Read it. Good. Will read multiple times while we have it checked out. Kid reaction will determine whether or not we'd check it out again.
4 Stars... Read it. Very good. Believe the content benefits the kids enough to make the effort to check it out again.
5 Stars... Read it. Love it. Content not only benefits the kids, but moves them.

I do NOT have a degree in Children's Literature. I didn't even major in Literature. I'm just a mom who likes to read to her three kids, ages five, four, and two. My opinions are heavily influenced by the fact that my husband and I are Christians who love Jesus and want to raise our children in the things of the Lord. If that's not you, my reviews will likely be meaningless.

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  1. Mo Williams. Did he do "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus"? We love that book. I might have to check out "Kniffle Bunny" from the library. Thanks for stopping over!