Friday, February 25, 2011

Kids | The Best Excuse for Fellowship

My kids love to have friends over to play. They get so excited that they stand at the window and wait from the minute they learn company is coming.

One of Gracie's friends E brought his little sister M (not pictured) and his mommy over for a visit last week (BEFORE I GOT SICK, more on that later). We all needed it more than we realized.

E has been over quite a few times and loves to play cars on this wooden ramp Eric made for Daniel when he was about the age E is now. It's always the first thing E asks to get out when he arrives. It's a bit dangerous, especially with five little kids in a living room that isn't outrageously large. But it provides so much entertainment it's worth the watchful eyes required.

While the kids played E and M's mommy and I had the normal halted conversation that mommy's have learned to squeeze in on play dates. No one else seems to be able to stop and restart conversations as easily as stay-at-home moms. We talked kids. And we talked work. (We both try to run a business from home. She's an amazing photographer. See her wonderful work here.) And we talked about balancing the two.

Thanks, Kristin for a wonderful morning. We had such fun.


  1. I LOVE playdates, too! We should try to arrange one someday.

  2. You are such a great friend! thank you!