Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Adventure

We've been spending a lot of time organizing lately, but that doesn't me we haven't had a little time for some Saturday play. Eric was working on burning brush outside, since it's been wet and it's a good time to burn. He took Mercy out with him this morning. At lunch he suggested that we make s'mores. I didn't have the supplies, so I ran to town with the girls while Daniel worked with Daddy outside.

When we got back the girls practically ran up the back hill. Gracie kept yelling, "Mom, 'cum on!"

Eric was finishing up sawing a part of a tree that had come down this Winter. As I watched him I remember praying for his protection. I hate chainsaws. One of my biggest fears is his loosing a leg in an accident. All of a sudden I saw him fall backwards. I couldn't see him or the chainsaw, which I could still hear running! I screamed, dropped my bag and ran towards him.

God's hand is merciful. The chainsaw motor still running, had fallen to the right of him. His legs had cramped up and he couldn't get up for several minutes. After I was assured he was alright I turned back to check on the kids, Daniel was crying hysterically. I got him calmed down, but my heart was still racing.

Once everyone was settled down we moved on to making s'mores. Daddy pulled out another sharp object and made a roasting stick.

Afterward the kids played a bit more while Eric cut a few more quick cuts.

I'm so thankful for the Lord's merciful hand of protection!

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