Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Teacher Gift

Sometimes I sit and wonder what kind of gift a teacher appreciates when she has two kindergarten classes of more than twenty students in each. Can you imagine if everyone gave her a "cute" mug? I know the ideal would be a gift card for someplace like Target. If I was a teacher, I think I would love those. But we try and avoid gift cards in for teacher thank you gifts. My hubby wants to avoid anything that could be construed that we were trying to get special attention for our child. I get it, even if I don't totally agree.

So, I try to do something consumable. (It's the anti-clutter in me talking.) We do a lot of fattening treats. (I know, I know, that's not always good either, but Daniel's teacher has a family, so she doesn't have to eat it all alone. And to be fair she told me she loves chocolate.)

Chocolate. My friend Abby shared this recipe with us at MOPS this week. We put together the little "kit", adding the wet ingredients when we got home. They were soooooo good. The chocolate just oozed out of the warm cakes. They were the perfect size. Well, sort of, my husband ended up eating three of them. I attribute that to the fact that they were so good and not because they were small, because they weren't. So, I thought a chocolate loving teacher would appreciate a little kit to make this chocolate goodness whenever the craving hit.

Pretty packaging makes even the simple gifts fun. I made the little recipe card that doubles as the gift tag with the help of some free clip art that I modified, found here. I printed it and attached it to a little kraft paper bag that had handles. So simple. We hope she likes it.

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