Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Bliss {us and the kids}

There is something so wonderful about the weekend, no matter what we end up doing. It's gotten even more special since Daniel has been in Kindergarten. When he gets off the bus Daddy is already home (he beats him home by about ten minutes). Friday night is almost always cheeseburgers. Everybody is happy when dinner is burgers. (Thursday is usually more challenging fare.)

Saturday was a day of no obligations. I love that. So do my kids. So much so that when we talked about running a few errands the grumpiness surfaced really fast. So we turned the errands into a treasure hunt with clues.

The first clue led us to Grampy and Grammy. Part of our Christmas gift to Grampy this year was a monthly delivery of baked goods. We'd made some Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies and delivered them, visiting for a bit.

The clue that gave the most laughter was: Seeds and boots, shovels and poop. If you live in _______, go here for that kind of loot. Daniel knew right away we were talking about the local country store.

Our last stop involved a take and bake pizza. I always, always have a stash of Papa Murphy's coupons in the van, just in case I can persuade my dear man to stop. (I would stop just about every night if it were left entirely up to me, our family is thankful it isn't left entirely up to me.)

After the pizza and one of the movies we'd picked up at the library I decided we needed to have a Wii Family Tournament. We boxed. Daddy and Mommy boxed. The loser played Daniel. (Umm, that was me.) The loser then played Mercy. (Umm, that was me, again.) Then the loser played Gracie. (Finally, not me.) Today I hurt. My back aches from using strange unfamiliar muscles.

This morning we all got up a little early. It might just happen to be because we put the kids down at 6:30 last night. We had a few minutes before church, everyone was dressed. The girls were in dresses I'd found at ROSS for $2.99 each (including the cream turtlenecks). I even had time to do their hair. So I tried to get pictures. Didn't really work. I did get a sweet picture of Mercy with the adorable giraffe coin purse Aunt Jessie and Uncle Gary sent her for Valentine's Day. (Yes, we opened the package a little early. Thank you Aunt Jessie and Uncle Gary!)

This afternoon they are running around dressed up like Tinkerbell, a princess, and a knight.

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  1. I think your pictures are great! Full of joy! And that's an amazing deal for dresses, I should shop at Ross more often.