Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Family Birthdays | Wii Love You

We had a birthday at our house this weekend.

Ever notice how grown-up birthdays are so different than kid ones? There isn't usually as much fanfare. Sad, but true. Somehow we think birthdays are really about the young. Doesn't seem quite right.

Eric turned 37 this weekend. Daniel said that Daddy is catching up with Mommy. There is a little bit of truth there.

Eric is hard to buy for. His desires are always an interesting mix of practical and splurge. I decided on buying a Wii controller and including a coupon for a game of his choosing. We'd talked about adding a third and fourth controller so four of us could at least play at the same time. So, even though we only usually spend $50 on birthdays I knew I could get away with more, since it was really about the family. Still, I dislike gifts for myself that are really about the family, so it was hard to do.

But I got it right for him. He was so pleased that he wanted to go out right away and get Wii Sports Resort. He and Daniel had played it at friends' house. We called around and found a store about an hour away that had it. So off we went. We ended up purchasing a fourth controller and the needed upgraded sensor for our existing controllers. (One came free with the game purchase.)

We came home and played and played and played, until my parents came over to watch the kids while Eric and I went out on a date.

We went to a movie. A splurge for us.

The King's Speech. We don't watch R rated movies. Since kids we have become a lot more discriminate in the movies we watch. It's an easy line, most of the time. We made an exception for The Passion of the Christ. And after reading the reason for the ratings, we made an exception for this film, too. Wow! I have rarely watched a movie and walked away feeling like the two hours was genuinely spent well. I highly recommend this movie. It was fabulous!

We went for dinner and had great conversation about the movie. Took the long round about way home and talked more, more about parenting and raising a strong-willed child and what we thought we were doing right and what we needed to be praying more about.

I love the man God gave me for a life partner. I pray that we have many, many, many years together on this earth before God takes one of us home.

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  1. It sounds like you had a great date. Sometimes good conversation in the car is so special.