Monday, March 21, 2011

Lists | Weekend Wrap-up

I love lists. A lot. Lists calm me. Here is my weekend wrap-up list, sprinkled with pictures.

  • First bowling experience (birthday party with the cousins)
  • Impromptu play date that reminded me just how much harder it is to have an infant who is crawling (especially when you have already disposed of all your "baby gear")

  • Visual reminder that my Mercy is an artist who loves both color and order
  • Disney movie and pizza
  • Talking about Libya and politics and wondering about how we can calmly watch news videos like it's a hollywood movie
  • Whole family back in church together after nearly two months of taking turns being sick
  • A line drawn in the sand with a piece of asparagus
  • Sunshine and bike riding practice on a beautiful trail close to home
  • Free play that resulted in a lengthy time of clean-up

  • A talent show staring three very entertaining children

  • A "Deep and Wide" solo
  • Pajamas and giggling with Pippy and Mr. Nielson
  • Time out talking with my brother and a late evening I-love-you-burger for my hubby


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I love the pictures...especially the one of Gracie with the goggles and Mercy's cars all lined up and color coordinated. That sure says a lot about her personality. :)See you in the morning at MOPS!