Friday, March 18, 2011

The Perfect Read-Aloud Book | Pippi Longstocking

I found it. The perfect book to read aloud to my two older kids (ages four and six).

Astrid Lindgrin's Pippi Longstocking, Illustrated by Lauren Child.

We've read three chapters and already there has been more giggling and enjoyment from each chapter than any episode of Dora the Explorer. And I do love to hear my Mercy laugh. She has the best giggle ever. It rolls up inside, like she's been holding back until it just bubbles over. Love it.

This particular version is fabulous because of the wonderful illustrations. Look at the colorful pictures sprinkled throughout the book. The kids love it when we get to a picture, but they don't have to have the pictures because their hungry imaginations are well fed by Ms. Lindgren's showing (not telling) of the story. Love it. Love it. Love it! I am going to be so sad when we finish it.

Oh yeah, it adds to the delight that Pippi has hair the color of CARROTS, just like my three lovelies. I've been thinking, how fun would it be to have a Pippi Longstocking themed birthday party for Miss Mercy's fifth birthday? Don't worry, mommies of Mercy's friends, I won't have games that include walking on the roof and swinging down trees. But I can definitely see mis-matched socks, cute little monkeys, and shoes twice the size of little girls' feet!

If you have a four, five, or six year old, you simply MUST go to your local library and get this book!

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