Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Routine | Finally Back Into It

Today we finally had hope of getting back into routine. It's too easy for disciplines to slide when we have too many days of irregular "things". When I went in to tell Daniel he needed to wear his heavy coat I saw that he'd made his bed, unprompted, the first time in two weeks.

Daniel went back to school after two weeks away (sickness and snow). I'd stayed up late last night to meal plan and make my grocery list. Gracie slept in (she was up five times last night).

Once everyone was up and dressed I decided I would "do" the girls' hair before leaving. Gracie's hair in her eyes was driving me nuts. Her hair is finally getting long enough to do something with it.

We didn't leave the house to shop until after noon. Nearly $200 later we got home and I unloaded the groceries while the girls played.

I love how the girls play well when Daniel isn't home. The third wheel dynamic is never a good thing, even with siblings. Barbie's wardrobe was spread out through the living room the rest of the afternoon.

For dinner I made Black Bean Soup, this one. It's one of the only soups I like. I'm not a soup girl. And I made my favorite homemade bread, Parmesan Herb Bread. Can you tell I wanted to warm up on the inside?

Daniel came home with lots of make-up work. I sat down with him while he worked on his homework. I split it in thirds since he doesn't have to go back to school until Friday. When he finished the nightly portion he dashed off to get some play time in.

I have a deep affection for the normal, the familiar.

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  1. I'm glad your day was good and that you're getting back into the normal routine. I don't know what it is but, our life over here has felt very "off" the last few days also. I actually typed up our schedule today because that helps me get back into the "normal" feeling. That may sound crazy but, I know you get it!