Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why You Should Listen to Your Mother

You know how your mom always told you not to play in your chair or you're going to fall and crack your head open? Well it's true.

Daniel fell and cracked his head open last night. We had a trip to the Emergency Room with our six year old last night because he fell off his chair and cut his head open, a one inch wound. He had to get three staples. He was a tough little guy. The doctor was amazing. He has his own kindergartner at home and you could tell. He was patience and unhurried, even though the Emergency Room was really, really busy. He asked Daniel lots of questions and talked to him a long time before getting to work.

Things I'm thankful for:

1.) I'm alone with the kids over a hundred hours a week. I was so thankful I wasn't alone when this happened.
2.) When I'm not alone, usually it's just Eric and I with the kids. But last night Eric's parents were here, as well as my brother. We could rush off to the Emergency Room without having to wait for someone to get here.
3.) We have a friend who is a pediatrician and he didn't mind that we called him at home.
4.) It was fixable. Easily fixable. When you think about all the accidents that could happen, I was so grateful that this was so minor.
5.) My son is very brave. Lately we have had a lot of lessons on bravery, how you can be very nervous, but courage is choosing to be brave anyway. God has been helping Daniel to be brave.


  1. Oh my! I hope he's feeling okay after his fall. I can just feel my mommy heart racing at the thought!

  2. Isn't that something. God knew. He prepares us for the rough times and we find we are then strong enough to make it through. Way to go Daniel.