Monday, April 11, 2011

Favorite Food Makeover | Macaroni and Cheese with Sausage

If you know us at all you know that we love macaroni and cheese at our house. No, not Kraft, not the box stuff. (Actually I loved the boxed stuff, but I couldn't get my kids to eat it.) We do the homemade version at our house and I have a favorite recipe. Old-fashioned... see my favorite recipe here. It's very basic and very good. My brother always asks to come to dinner when he hears we are having macaroni and cheese.

Because my kids always ask for seconds and thirds and yes, sometimes a fourth helping of the stuff, I knew this was a good place to try a cautious meal makeover.

Usually I use 2% milk. This time I used non-fat. (Don't tell my husband!)

Then, I did it, I dumped a HEAPING quarter of a cup of pureed cauliflower and a HEAPING quarter of a cup of pureed carrots to the cheese sauce. I was a little nervous. It makes me nervous when I have a favorite recipe because what if they no longer like it?! But life is about risks, right? (Not in my world, but I think other people brag when they take perceived risks, right?)

Dumped it right in. This is what the sauce looked like. Just a little like I added more cheddar cheese. They weren't going to see too much of a difference. That's good.

Put it in the oven. Ten minutes before the end of the cook time I added the extra cheese on top and sprinkled bread crumbs, to add the crunchy goodness. When I pulled it out it looked like this:

Yummy! No funny smell from the cauliflower! Might even try a little more cauliflower next time. Half a cup? I could just keep increasing each week until we start to taste it. Then back off.

Kid reaction: Devoured it like usual.

Tips: Make sure those carrots are PUREED COMPLETELY. I discovered a few pieces of carrots when serving it up and quickly HID them on my plate. It would never do to be discovered tampering with one of their favorite meals.

Going to be doing that again! It was delicious! I am fully aware that there is not so healthy stuff still in my mac & cheese. But come one, baby steps is what I'm doing here!

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  1. yummy - totally going to try this... only wishing I had carrots or cauliflower in the house to try it tonight!