Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Anniversary | Past the Seven Year Itch

It's Eric's and my eighth anniversary today. Neither of us is inclined to really do something big on our anniversary. We both think a cruise would be fun for our tenth but I want to go to the Caribbean and he wants to go to Alaska, so we may end up staying home. This morning I mentioned to him that this is really a significant anniversary since we have made it through the "Seven Year Itch" (whatever that it).

Eight years has revealed just how much he has learned to love me well. When I got up this morning (I know longer get up and fix him breakfast like I did that first year of marriage and this morning he didn't complain) he had an anniversary card waiting for me on the kitchen counter. My heart did flip-flops. I felt loved. He spoke in my love language, not his. That's hard to do sometimes. At least it's hard for me.

We're planning to get away for a couple of nights later this month. But tonight is about celebrating marriage with our kids. I've got a few activities planned with the kids, because honestly, they benefit as much from Mommy and Daddy's happy marriage as Mommy and Daddy do. Right? We'll have dinner at home. Play a game with questions about Mommy and Daddy, meant to help us remember to be telling our kids the details of God's faithfulness to bring us together and stay married for life. Then we will go out for ice cream, because it's everybody's favorite treat.

I made him a card. Because I can. And because he hears I love you when I opt to save a little money when and where I can. Here's the card that I'm giving him.
Text: 8 reasons i love being married to YOU
Text: YOU have the kindest eyes i have ever seen
Text: YOU willingly eat a lot of pizza
Text: YOU see me as more than just mommy
Text: YOU are a really good daddy
Text: YOU are a handsome woodsman
Text: YOU love family adventures
Text: YOU think i am beautiful
Text: YOU loved me first
Text: YOU are the reason i love marriage

I can't believe how blessed I am.


  1. That's an amazing card!!! You did such a great job. Happy Anniversary to you!

  2. And YOU Cami, are amazingly talented! Congratulations!

  3. What a beautiful card. Congrats. Open your mind to Alaska a little:) My hubby and I went there on our pre-honeymoon (with a high school youth group and 12 crazy teenagers). It's not sandy beaches, but it is amazingly beautiful. Things you won't see anywhere else or on any beach. We are hoping to go back there for one of our anniversaries. Enjoy the evening celebrating with your family!