Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Week in Pictures

Lately we've been busy. I just realized I haven't posted since Monday, a long stretch for me. Commentary will be brief and I'll try and let the pictures speak for themselves.

Was asked to plan a fun VBS invitation. Here's my prototype.

Creating a logo for the children's ministry at our church (can't show you until it's finalized).

Having play dates.
With the cousins.
With friends.
Learning about eagles, because we have an eagle's nest right next door and because it helps us understand the Bible verse that tells us we can mount up on wings like eagles.
A whole family workday in our yard, complete with two meals eaten outside, because it was finally warm enough.

Then Easter.

One church service. Two Easter dinners. Three Easter Egg Hunts. And way too much candy.

MOPS cupcake wars. Let's just say our The Very Hungry Caterpillar didn't win, but I think it should have. (It was so cute.)

And then a Dad attack.

Too busy to post, until today... Friday. The next few days promises to be busy with more goodness.

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  1. Great pictures! Your girls looked so pretty on Easter. Have a fun weekend with your family. :)