Monday, April 18, 2011

Purple "Milkshakes" | Drinking Our Veggies

Since I started pureeing veggies to sneak them into foods covertly, I've been making what used to be known in our house as "Pink Drink". It used to have a banana, fruit juice, grenadine syrup, 2% milk, and ice. (Dad, did I miss anything?) It was a big treat in our house, a bigger treat than pop. (I know some of you moms are horrified that my kids have had soda at all.)

Well, I've mixed it up differently these days.

Tonight's drink we called a purple milkshake, because of the color. Though Gracie called it "Pwerple Pink Dwink" when she saw it.

Every night is different. Before I made one with veggies I wanted someone to tell me how much of everything to put in, to make it taste good and not get my kids refuse to drink it. I didn't find much help out there. So, I'll tell you what I did tonight, though every time is different.

I filled my blender with baby spinach. Then I decided I should put it in the food processor first so there weren't big chunks of green. I chopped it up in the food processor, adding a little bit of frozen fruit concentrate (banana-strawberry-orange). I transferred it to the blender. Then I added one banana, about one cup of frozen blueberries, about two cups of frozen mixed fruit (Cash & Carry), one individual strawberry yogurt, one ice cube of frozen carrot puree, one ice cube of frozen cauliflower puree and about half a quarter of a cup of pineapple juice, a handful of pineapple, and finally about an ounce of sugar-free raspberry syrup.

Here is what we got. Gracie was peeking over the counter in anticipation. She has LOVED having them so often the past couple of weeks and runs around the house when I'm making them squealing, "Pink Dwink! Pink Dwink! Mom making Pink Dwink!"

For the first time Mercy was willing to drink it and LOVED it. It's taken me about two weeks to get her to try it. She saw me making it the first time and was NOT happy that I had messed with her favorite drink! (I was really glad she tried it tonight because now she says she'll drink it all the time.)

It's perfect for Friday or Saturday nights when I want it to be a fun family night and I don't want to fight about veggies and replaces pop as the treat drink!

Are you guys inspired to try anything to get your family eating a little bit healthier? I'm discovering that baby steps are good. Small lifestyle changes will add up to a a big difference.


  1. Oh pretty drink!

    I bet you could crochet more than just afghans. I do have an old nasty ball of yarn that I use when I'm trying things out!

  2. Glad your kids love it! It reminds me of the smoothies that I make with Judah. It's such a great way to drink something healthy and yummy!