Monday, May 23, 2011

Gracie's 3rd Birthday | Party One

Gracie's first of three parties this week was at Papa and Grandma Cook's on Thursday night.

Love this picture of Daddy with his girls. This was early in the evening, before he fell asleep.

Uncle Andy and Daddy have been giving Daniel camera lessons. I am amazed at some of the pictures Daniel has captured. He's only six. This one of my grandma is priceless.

Daniel got this one of Uncle Andy too.

And this one of Grampy Daniel got too.

Spoon wars.

Gracie was ready to fall asleep eating her watermelon.

She rallied to eat some cake.

Daniel and Mercy were as excited about the presents as Gracie.

Gracie was thrilled with "Lily" who loves horses just like she does.

I cracked up when Daniel offered to be a horse for Lily to ride. It made me especially glad we had decided on buying Gracie one of the actual horses for her birthday.

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