Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

If I am brutally honest, it was hard. Parenting is hard work. It isn't for those who loved baby-sitting because they could hand the kids back to the parents and report the bad behavior and collect payment for service rendered.

Parenting was hard this weekend. I wrote a post about the tough part of the weekend, then I deleted it because that wasn't the whole weekend. Not by a long-shot!

Saturday I got to go shopping with my mom. We hit Target when it opened. Shopped leisurely. Sat and had soft pretzels afterwards. Then we headed to Marshalls. I tried on clothes because I'm going on a trip this upcoming weekend. Then we went to Michaels. Afterwards we sat in the car and talked because I wasn't really ready to go home yet, but I didn't feel like spending money at IHOP to get something to drink or eat.

Sunday I received a gift that made me cry. Daniel had made this in his Kindergarten class. I just love that he gets to make something for me without my help. I have it hanging up in my kitchen. When I gushed and gushed he proceeded to tell me all the things in making it he did NOT do. In the end he said, "So really I didn't hardly any of it." My honest boy, unwilling to take credit if he didn't feel like it was rightly deserved.

Eric took us to get pizza, my favorite food ever. We tried a new to us local place called Westside Pizza. Loved it. We'll be running there far too often now that we've tried it. Yum. We brought it home and watched Disney's Tangled while we ate. At the end of the movie (SPOILER ALERT!) when the main character chops her hair off Gracie yells, "Mommy! Pretty like Mommy!" For those who missed my post and haven't seen me in the last few days, I chopped my hair off this week. Definitely a cute moment.

After we were done with lunch my parents stopped by. My mom made me cry. She bought me this.

I know some of you are going, "Hmm." Others of you totally get it. I had one of these as a kid. We moved A LOT and I don't have very many childhood toys that have made it through the many moves. This is one I distinctly remember and loved. The kids were thrilled with it too. The music sounds bring back some wonderful, wonderful childhood memories.

Mom also brought a stack of photos of me as a little girl. It was so fun to look through them. I pulled one out and Gracie screamed, "That ME!" I love hearing that because usually it's Mercy that I think of being a little me.

Eric shocked me by telling me he wanted to buy me diamond earrings. He wanted to get me something that wasn't a practical gift. Completely blew me away. After we talked I convinced him I'm not really a diamond earrings kind of girl and that the gesture/willingness was enough. I felt immensely loved. (Eric does NOT spend money frivolously, which is actually one of the things I love about him.)

I am one blessed mommy. My kids are very real and they ended up with the best and the worst of Eric and me. But God is working in me, Eric, and the kids. What more could I ask for?

I'll leave you with some pictures from the weekend.
Daniel with Uncle Andy.

Gracie enjoying every last drop of her smoothie.

Mercy has the best laugh ever. It's contagious.

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