Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Milestones | Samson-like Ebenezers

I have a relationship with my hair that when I sit down and really think about it sounds strange. It sounds a little like Samson's (of Samson and Delilah) only he lost power of God in his life when it was cut. I've experienced the opposite.

Most of my life I have had long hair. Long hair. I cried when I got it cut for the first time (to my shoulders) in junior high. I'd begged and begged to be allowed to get it cut. My parents conceded and when I was unhappy with the result they asked if I'd learned my lesson. Since then I have always been very afraid of getting my hair cut. Afraid of loosing what had been become a huge part of my identity.

But I have always chopped if off at significant spiritual milestones in my life. Whenever I wrestled with God over significant strongholds in my life I have cut my hair, choosing to push past the fear and choosing His will over my own.

For that reason, this week I chopped off my hair. Every time I look in the mirror I am reminded that He has always been faithful to me and that it is by His strength that will accomplish what He wants in and through me in the days ahead.



  1. Wow, you got a lot cut off! It looks great!

  2. That is so cool- I love tangible things like that! And your hair looks great!

  3. Love it! I think hair is very personal for every woman. I love how it is a sign of surrender and courage for you!