Friday, June 24, 2011

Eliminating the Clutter | Preserving the Memories

Isn't it a difficult tension? How do you keep the stacks of paper at bay and not regret having tossed a mother's day card that was lovely made by your four year old?

My oldest finished kindergarten this week. I didn't know what I would want to keep and what I wouldn't, so I saved everything. Yes, you did read that right. Everything. Every math worksheet that came home from school. Every craft. Every handwriting exercise. Everything. I diligently wrote the month and year at the bottom of the paper when I took it out of Daniel's folder and stuck it in a folder I picked up in Target's dollar section. Thank goodness they make them put their name on every sheet of paper.

Tuesday we didn't have to go anywhere. The first time in weeks that we didn't have any place we needed to be. I decide to dig into my "project". I sorted out the papers by month. Then I went through each stack, selecting a sampling of Daniel's work from that month, picking out a coloring sheet, a drawing, a math sheet, a handwriting sheet... Then I scanned the samples, all of them, into one PDF of his Kindergarten work.

Then I did the scariest thing ever, I recycled the entire stack of paper, six inches thick, in the recycle bin.

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  1. Good for you! I have a giant stack waiting for the scanner. It seems we need to reinstall the printer and I just don't feel like being the one in charge of that task! I love tackling big projects.