Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scaling Back | Precious Time Makers

Life has been busy. Sometimes it feels egocentric to make such a comment. Everyone's life is busy. It's more accurate to say that life at our home has crossed the threshold of healthy to another place entirely. When Eric came home from work yesterday around his right eye it was dark brown and red. I sent him to bed. He's been functioning the last couple of weeks with four our five hours of sleep a night.

While he napped I fed the kids dinner. Daniel tried turkey meat loaf for the first time. Yeah! We celebrated the first day of Summer and the first day of Summer Vacation with ice cream cones on the porch. Eric had made homemade peanut butter cup ice cream this weekend and the kids were eager to try it out.

If we're going to enjoy Summer fully I think we are going to need to do some scaling back. I thinned down my blog reading subscriptions. I said no thank you to some play dates this week. (That was much harder to do than thinning the list of blogs I follow.) We decided to make a day out of what usually is an all-weekend camping trip. I'm trying to take on some of Eric's outdoor chores (like mowing the lawn) so he doesn't have to.

I know a lot of people plan on Summer being the time when they go, go, go in the sunshine. We want to stay at home and play in our yard, mow the lawn, read books on the porch, and enjoy ice cream cones on the steps.


  1. Cami,
    I totally get this!!! It's hard to find the balance between running around to various (fun) activities and also spending quality time at home. I admire you for enjoying being home with your children and being able to say "no". Love you!!!

  2. You are such a good Mom!

    To be honest, I am trying to say no more often, maybe we can help eachother :)

    My strategy lately is to invite people over so I get to stay home AND we get to see our friends :)

    We can reschedule our playdates for another time :)