Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Plans | Reading and Journals

It's Summer and we are excited. More time. More time for reading as a family. We've started a Hardy Boys Book. We might have to follow it up with a Trixie Belden book, my all-time favorite series as a kid.

One thing Daniel was really enjoying his last couple of months of school was the writing exercises where he got to draw a picture and write a sentence or two about his picture. I bought the two big kids primary journals (just $1.69 each at Bartells) so that they could spend time this Summer writing and drawing, not just reading.

Yesterday Mercy found a cozy spot on top of the couch by the window and sat drawing and yes, even writing, for a couple of hours. If they can keep it up all Summer I am going to have a couple of treasured books.

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  1. A couple hours? How in the world...? That's such a great idea. I love those writing sheets with room at the top for pictures.-That's in the future for Ian and I'm really looking forward to it.