Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Reading | Motivation with Love

I follow the blog of the mom of a former classmate. She happens to be a Middle School Language Arts teacher. (She's probably already noticed a grammar error or two. Please extend me a little grace and mercy, Mrs. K.)

Today Mrs. K. posted a wonderful idea that helps foster Summer reading. (Read her post here.) She has grandchildren and she gives them books to read. That's a great start, but here's the genius part. When they are done reading the book they let her know and she takes them out to lunch to discuss what they read! What a great tradition! What a great reward, special time with Grandma.

I've decided I don't have to have grandkids to start. I think a special date with Mom might be a really great motivator for my big kid who starts first grade in the fall! I do a lot of reading to the kids already. Right now we are reading the first book in the Hardy Boys Series. Daniel loves it when I read to him. He's less enthusiastic about the discipline of reading himself. This just might help make the work seem worthwhile.

Thanks, Mrs. K. for inspiring more than just your grandchildren!


  1. Good idea! We are doing the summer reading program and marking off minutes read on a clock. I should give Martin little prizes or a date with Mommy. Thanks for the idea.

  2. I just read your post! Thank you for the compliment. It is always fun to do something special with the g'kids that I know will help them have a better experience in school.

    I also read your post about Daniel's eyepatch. We went through something quite similar with Brian when he was in the first grade. It does get better and you are so right to be consistent. It will pay off; it did for Brian! You're a really good mommy and so creative. Your family is blessed by you!