Friday, July 15, 2011

Children's Book Review

I love that Daniel has to keep track of his reading all Summer for school. It forces us to be disciplined to read at least five days a week for at least twenty minutes. Really not that much reading, especially when Daniel is not gone nine hours a day, like he is during the school year.

Oink, Oink Benny
Barbro Lindgren | Olof Landstrom
Here is one we will never read again. This is a book about getting away with disobedience. Yes. Disobedience. Doing exactly what Mommy said not to. Getting away with it. Then doing it again the next day. Umm. How did this book ever get printed? Cute illustrations? Maybe something was lost in the translation. Literally.

Fancy Nancy Tea Parties
Jane O'Connor | Robin Preiss Glasser
I love Fancy Nancy and the itty-bit of French that I have fun reading to my kids. The kids always love the fancy words and I love that it expands their vocabulary. This one is full of fun creative ways to have fancy tea parties at home, using plain stuff around the house that you can make fancy. Lots of giggling when we read this one. And since my Mercy has the best giggle ever, I'll be reading this one again and again, just to hear her laugh at my French. (She's not the first to laugh at my French!)

The Tree
Dana Lyons | David Danioth
If I'd flipped through this one at the library (the library was closing ten minutes after I got there and I was madly grabbing books for fresh entertainment on these rainy days) I wouldn't have checked it out. The cover was lovely and reminiscent of a Christian author I like. The book has an agenda, cutting trees is bad and ruins everything. If you feel that way, you might enjoy the book. I stopped reading it aloud before we got to the end. When I finished reading it silently I struggled to understand the plot, not good for a kids book, in my opinion. Almost forgot to mention it won an award, Skipping Stones Honor Award. I'm not giving it any prizes.

No More Cookies
Paeony Lewis | Brita Granstrom
Love it! A mommy who follows through. Too many books this day have the parent fold by the end of the book. Mommy says, "NO more cookies," and nowhere does she change her mind. She does come up with a yummy, much healthier snack when snack time arrives.

If You Give A Mouse A Muffin
Laura Joffe Numeroff | Felicia Bond
We love all these books. Daniel felt empowered to read this one to me, then again to his sisters because he had heard it read last year at school. I love the details in the illustrations. I think we are going to need to paint a backdrop for a puppet show on one of these rainy days we have been having.

Are you making it to the library at all this Summer?

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  1. I love Felicia Bond's books, so do my kids! And I hate it when children's books have an obvious agenda...especially when you can't even finish reading it out loud. Sometimes I wonder what book publishers are thinking.

    And yes, we make it to the library about once a week, and come home with a bag full of books. It's the quietest day of the week at our house...I like that!