Thursday, July 14, 2011

Country Living | Our Own Pet Bunny

We live in the country.

Days when I see bunnies hanging out in our front yard I am reminded just how lovely country living can be.

This baby bunny has been entertaining my children. I have to keep reminding them not to scare him/her. But he/she seems undaunted by three-year-old curiosity and squeals of delight. He/she has continued to sneak out for a bit of munching and then return to refuge in the foliage.

This is my ideal pet. Outdoor. No effort and responsibility required of me. Most importantly no messes to clean up after. Lots of pleasure for the children.


  1. I love seeing a little bunny outside. We don't see them at our new house but, we did on Camano. I imagine that Gracie loves being able to see rabbits!