Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crock-pot Cooking | Something Fishy

I'm trying to work more fish into our diet. We all love it, I just don't buy it very often. It's more expensive than chicken so I think of it as a splurge in our food budget. But I want the family to get the wonderful benefits of a diet that includes a variety of fish.

Tonight we are having Crock-pot Sweet and Spicy Salmon with Wild and Brown Rice. I've never done fish in the crock-pot. I got the recipe here and it sounded so easy and we like spicy! Yes, that's aluminum foil in the crock-pot. She promises an easy clean-up, which I'm looking forward to since I have a really old crock-pot without an insert. It's a pain to clean. All the time I save not slaving over the stove is usually used cleaning the crock-pot after dinner. As an added perk I won't heat up the house on this pretty Summer day by turning on the stove.


  1. I had that same crockpot only mine was avocado green! The best way to clean it is to soak it... all through dinner and until after the dishes are done. Then it usually comes pretty clean.

  2. I'm scared to do fish in the crockpot, but this sounds good--Thanks.
    By the way, I like the new look-I prefer the green background to the pink.