Friday, July 1, 2011

Digesting the Tru Gathering Conference in Parts | Part 2

It's been awhile since I wrote about the conference I went to in May. If you didn't read my first post, then you can read it here.

As a direct result of the conference I have been reading through the book Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony. Actually "dwelling on" might be a better descriptive. My last post about Spiritual Parenting I mentioned the timeline that I plan on putting on my wall. That isn't done yet because we have been busy launching the Summer Sunday School program (again, from the same conference).

What I read last night I have been able to put into practice the moment my children woke up this morning. Anthony speaks about creating the Environment of Service for our children, growing children who walk into a room and look for what needs to be done, then do it.

My husband's primary pathway to the divine (how he feels best nurtures his relationship with God) is acts of service. It's not mine, but understanding his makes me value acts of service in a much deeper way. I want to cultivate that in my children, especially if one or more of them share the same pathway to the divine that their daddy does.

Anthony suggests that this is putting new words to much of what we are already doing. For example, we all have some method of chores in our house. Chores, by nature is a negative term. The implication is that it is work that has to be done before we can run off and play. When we address it as an act of service that we can give to make the household run, we see ourselves as apart of the team and interdependent on each other. We help our children look outward, rather than belly-button gazing. I definitely want that for my kids.

More than that, I want that for me.

I was challenged by Anthony's use of the question, "What needs to be done?" I have blogged about how recently I have been challenged to push past my protective nature that guards our time at home like a momma bear. God does call us to hearts of service and I need to cultivate that in myself.

So we've been talking today about acts of service. I'm off to help a friend with setting up for a garage sale because it needs doing and I'm wondering what else God might show me that needs doing.

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  1. The garage sale was a huge success because of people like you! I must admit I have had the book for several weeks and I am just now starting to read it! Your comments in this post REALLY make me want to dig in - but not tonight because I am too tired to remember it :)