Sunday, July 3, 2011

Toutle Acres | A Long Day Trip

We left at six in the morning.

Cousin Luke on his tractor.

Eric working.

Makenna & Mercy pulling on Evan's pants.

Gracie practicing her letters.

Mercy look less fearful than Makenna of Wyatt's stick.

Climbing on the huge pile of dirt. I think it took eight wet wipes, two rinses of cold drinking water, and hand sanitizer to get Gracie's hands clean enough to eat lunch.

Gracie eating lunch with her favorite cousin Evan.

The cousins eating lunch.

Eric working on building the cover for Uncle Art and Aunt Martha's trailer.

The boys did lots and lots of running.

The boys.

More working on the roof in the sunshine.

Would they be boys if they didn't play with sticks? No, Daniel did NOT get his eye poked. That patch is for another reason entirely.

Girls playing with trucks in the dirt.

Makenna helping Gracie climb up the mammoth rock.

The girls... traveling in a pack.

Following Auntie Kim to the swing.

The swing.

Uncle Art and Evan fixing something on the tractor.

Aunt Martha with Luke, who was feeling pretty crumby.

The boys taking a break to read their Lego catalogs.

A few minutes with Evan.

Exactly where she wants to be, with Evan.

Following Evan everywhere.

Makenna sitting by the creek writing.

The cousins there this weekend.

One of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

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  1. You got some really great pictures! It's so cute how Gracie loves her big cousin Evan! Love you Cami!