Monday, July 25, 2011

Week in the Life | An Explaination

I decided to do a project that Ali Edwards has been doing for the last several years called "Week in the Life". The idea is to capture and document in photos and words a typical week in your life. I did her "December Daily" project last year and loved how good it felt to document the holiday season. The discipline of taking pictures and making notes every day was fabulous. I never would have been able to keep the details had I not taken the time each day to write it down.

This project seems easier. This week is a crazy one. Typical. I debated not doing it because it's so busy, but then I reminded myself that I didn't want to rush through life and forget all of it because it's a blurred rush. So, this week I am keeping my own record.

You can too. Read up on the project here.

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