Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week in the Life |Friday's Photos

Mercy got up first. Daniel always beats her up. So we had some Mercy & Mommy time. She used her favorite pen, the one that you click the top for about five different colors. I loved them when I was a kid. She's drawing more and more details in her pictures. Love seeing her artistic skills developing.

Daniel is attached to his baby blanket. He calls it "blankie". It's cozy.

We had some snuggle time on the couch. Daniel took some pictures of us when he got up.

I got busy making food for the weekend. I was going to a MOPS Planning Retreat. So I needed to have dinner ready. I decided to make macaroni & cheese with smoked sausage because it's one of the kids' favorite meals. I try to make Friday nights a favorite food. We always had one of our favorites on Friday nights growing up. Usually make-your-own Pizzas.

I have really bad feet and have been putting medication on my heels daily. Heel balm works wonders, but I have to use it every day or my feet return to their cracked painful state.

Made chocolate chip cookies to take to retreat.

Any my Ginger Cookies. These always get rave reviews. Always an ego booster. But I eat too many of them when I make them. Their my favorite.

The kids played dress up. I overheard Gracie say, "Daniel, you need to find the clickety-clock that goes with this princess one!" She repeated it about eight times until he located the second purple shoe. He is really very, very good to her. I'm not looking forward to him being away at school every day this fall. She is going to miss him like crazy!

These are Mercy's favorite. She got these for her birthday last year from Grandma and Papa Cook. She LOVES how they sparkle. Too fancy!!

I cooked off a pound of bacon for their Saturday morning breakfast. Such a messy job. All that baking done before lunch...

They ate in the girls' room. Corn dogs and apple slices with lemonade.

Painted my toe nails. Rush job, but a little color makes me feel spunkier.

Gracie was dressed up like Wonder Woman. I let them watch an old episode online while I made up my third batch of cookies to take to retreat. She loves it.

Gracie uses a calculator for a phone. She loves this one. She runs around the house talking to someone a lot.

Took the truck with me to retreat so that Eric would have the van in case he needed to go anywhere. I don't like driving it. But driving it reminds me of the early years in our marriage, pre-kids.

At the retreat Kim (the coordinator) had "stations" set up that were intended to get us to slow down, contemplate what the Lord was doing, has done, and would be doing this next year in MOPS. This was an ebenezer type station. We wrote on a rock something we were celebrating that we saw God doing.

Here is the Prayer Wall.

A cross to confess our sins and let them go.

One of the moms brought her four month old. He was sleeping here peacefully, but he sure didn't sleep long. We were some noisy women. I think just last night everybody got their turn holding sweet Baby T.

Some of the rocks...

I mentioned everyone getting their turn with sweet Baby T.

The yummy dinner spread... Taco Salad. Yum!

Our Mentor Coordinator eating the whipped cream straight out of the can. She has a great sense of humor. She graciously opens her home every time we meet for meetings.


  1. I seriously need an 8 X 10 of Linda sucking down the whipped cream. Looks like SOOOOO much fun! :)

  2. linda rocks! hey, i have feet that crack too, so i feel your pain, oh kindred spirit of cracking feet annoyances~!