Friday, July 29, 2011

Week in the Life | Thursday's Photos

Cinnamon toast breakfast.

Eating breakfast while watching Clifford.

Thankful the wounds heal.

Happy the camera is out again today.

More Legos today.

Ate too much for dinner last night. Going to to plan chef salad for dinner tonight.

Church keys and memory stick to go print materials for MOPS Steering Retreat this weekend and TruStory Sunday School.

The kids eating apples in the resource room while I gather supplies. They were so good. Proud mommy moment.

Stocking the supply baskets for Sunday School.

The kids love running down the bridge Uncle Kevin built at the Youth Center. We are constantly training them to stop when they get to the end of the sidewalk since it opens up right at the main church driveway.

The lost hours...
We headed home because a friend was coming over for a meeting about TruStory Mid-week program this fall. Realized that I'm not nearly so comfortable taking photos of guests. Felt rude. So I didn't get any pictures but I am regretting it. Three hour meeting, very productive. Her boys played (ages 7 and 4) played really well with Daniel, Mercy, and Gracie. Mercy really struggled with sharing and we had to sit in my room and half a lengthy talk about how we treat guests. But she worked through her feelings well.

Getting his twenty minutes of reading in so that he can play wii. Excellent motivator.

Mercy's creation.

Eric is feeling annoyed with my project. He isn't a fan of the camera. I'm not a fan of having so few pictures of the most incredible man in the world.

Gracie working on Mercy's creation, reclaiming it as her own.

Girl Lego mess.

Boy Lego mess.

Mommy's mess. Laundry that needs to be folded still.

Gracie loves her evening bath.

Used Mod Podge for the first time. Yes, you read that right, the first time. Making personalized notebooks to put in the gift baskets I'm making up for the MOPS DGLs and Mentors at the MOPS Leadership Training Day I have planned for them next weekend. (Angela and Julie, forget you read this.) 

It's getting much harder to keep up. Thankful we are more than halfway.


  1. We had a great MOPS steering retreat! Blessings on your new year!

  2. Great photos!
    Especially love the mess! LOL. The boy lego mess is what I have here quite often too :))

  3. Love the pictures! I will try to forget what I read about the notebooks... :)

  4. LOVE the pictures! I COULD not put a picture of the scale and I having a moment. You are SOOOOOO brave :) I have already forgotten...what notebooks? Love you!

  5. Great pictures! I especially loved the one of your little girl building Legos

  6. Ahh! Your little ones are so adorable! I love that second photo of your daughter.. totally posing for the camera :) Too cute.