Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week in the Life | Tuesday's Photos

Last night before I went to bed I had my layout done for Monday. Terrific, except for the fact that I didn't get to bed until 1 a.m. My kids felt it today. That makes the third (or fourth) rediculously late night this week (one morning it was 4 a.m. when I fell into bed, that's just 30 minutes before my husband gets up). I am so not a college kid anymore!

Today I am settling for posting the pictures and a few notes from the day.
Cold cereal eaten for breakfast, still a little sleepy. Daniel has an eye appointment today, so it meant waking up the girls, never fun.

Love this picture. Gracie going potty. Daniel brushing his teeth.

Mommy and Gracie with shoes on, ready to go, sort of...

There was hair that still needed to be done. Our favorite hairstyle for Gracie is the front pulled up in one elastic to keep her from having the wild child look. De-tangler is our friend. I love the way it smells. Almost as great smelling as freshly washed hair, and a lot quicker.

Pinto beans in the crockpot for a part of tonight's dinner.

Emptying the dishwasher. I always wait until the kids are up. It's such a noisy chore.

Small Large meltdown before we left for the eye appointment. The coat she wanted was hanging on her hook.

We arrive. On time. Yes, that IS an emergency potty seat. And yes, we have been very thankful for it on multiple occasions, but didn't need it today.

Waiting patiently. 

Daniel with his cool 3-D glasses. The girls loved seeing him at his check-up with the specialist. Discouraging, after six weeks of patching his weak eye hasn't improved very much. We'll have to go from patching four hours a day to six. I didn't show my discouragement in front of the kids, but I felt like crying. We have not missed a single day and we have never taking the patch off early.

Another eye test.

Daniel chose donuts as a treat after the appointment. Everyone was so excited to get to go in and pick out their own donut at Haggen. Mommy got a bite of each donut in exchange for sharing her pop.

Daniel shared with Mercy.

Back in the car. Can't really explain why I love this picture. It's so indicative of my days when I go anywhere, watching them climb into their seats themselves so that I can climb in after them and get them buckled up.

Got about an hour and a half of design work in while the kids played after we got home. Got a set of jobs from a client that is going to keep me busy for a while. I took a few years off after Gracie was born and am just getting back into the design work.

This is the wild hair child I know and love. She never keeps the elastics in her hair.

I am always rearranging the girls room. I have yet to find a way to fit all their stuff into their small bedroom that I love. So I keep trying new things. This afternoon I decided to try something new.

Ended up with a "restaurant". All three kids LOVED it and it got me a couple of hours of play time with minimal bickering. So worth the work of rearranging furniture in the girls' bedroom!

Dinner was chicken enchiladas, Spanish rice, refried beans, and salad.

This is Daniel's SECOND plate of food... as full as his first. Thinking about how expensive it is going to be to feed him when he is a teenager. He's only six! Notice his mixed up food. A very big deal for him. He earned 1/2 a point for trying refried beans. He ended up having thirds...

Officially ended my day with raspberries from our garden with whipped cream on top. Yum. But let's be honest my day wasn't over.


  1. so fun to view your blog today...your pictures and family humor are wonderful!

  2. I love the fact that you included potty shots! My daughter is almost three, and has been potty trained awhile now, but it is still a HUGE part of our life. I was wondering if it was tacky to include, but now that I've seen your post, I might just try some shots!