Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life | Wednesday's Photos

I didn't take as many pictures today. I don't know if it was because my energy level is wearing down, or if it was because I was running out of time. Maybe both. I love seeing what everyone else is taking pictures of. So I'm trying to keep up, even when I feel less motivated.

Clothes ready to wear.

A few morning chores.

Morning coffee. Sugar-free vanilla latte. I heat the milk in the microwave because I hate steaming it on the machine. It takes too much undivided attention and I don't enjoy cleaning the machine afterwards.

Hand-washing some dishes because of dishwasher failure.

Because I don't normally hand-wash, I don't have a regular drain board. Knocked over a glass. It fell to the floor and broke, scattering glass shards through the kitchen. I screamed, "Don't come into the kitchen." We don't wear shoes in the house. I'm the exception because I have problems with my feet, so I was wearing shoes when it happened.

Marinated chicken for the grill, tonight's super. My parents are coming for a celebratory dinner. The big occasion is their 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Let Mercy take the camera and get a few pictures. She's four.

Breakfast Lunch is one of our favorite things. I feed the kids a big breakfast at lunch time. In the Summer they have cold cereal (by choice) almost every morning. But they love breakfast lunch. We had eggs, sausage, and bagels.

Gracie rediscovered her sleep sack last week.

Uncle Andy called and told her that he's coming for dinner. She was so excited she had to tell me. I don't think she thought I already knew.

After reading Curious George goes camping I decided that the kids could have their own indoor "campfire" and "roast marshmallows". Daniel piled up cars for his fire. I stuck the jumbo marshmallows on the ends of the shiskabob sticks that I had bought to use on the grill tonight.

They loved it. The treats were gone in less than three minutes.

The girls played with Gracie's Winnie-the-Pooh duplo set.

Gracie helped me mix up a new recipe, pillow cookies. There are brownies tucked inside chocolate chip cookies. Good, but they make ginormous cookies!

My parents and brother came for dinner. Mom and Dad aren't big party people, so we just had a nice quiet (okay not really quiet because the kids were there) dinner.

Uncle Andy showed Daniel a Star Wars Lego video on his phone.

I wrapped up my  night working on the lesson plan for Sunday. We use the TruStory curriculum in the Summer Sunday School program at church. I was late getting the Order of Service written up and needed to focus after the Eric and the kids were in bed.

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