Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wildflowers | Just for Me

My husband and I have an agreement, when it comes to aesthetics, he takes care of outside and I take care of inside. I don't want anything to do with planting and dirt and growing things. No desire. My grandparents and my in-laws don't get that about me, they find much joy in putting their fingers into God's creation. Me? Not so much.

I do love wildflowers. There is something breathtaking about the scattering of wildflowers. The crazy mix of colors always makes me smile. When I see them I think, God did all that, I didn't. Much more beautiful than if I determined where each flower would bloom. So little effort for such great beauty. That's how it is when God does something (and not me).

Eric has listened to me talk about wildflowers for years and this year he scattered these on the front bank by our driveway, to please me. (He prefers planting practical things, like lettuce and squash.) My heart is stirred every time I look at them. (Truly they are the only flowers I notice.)

God has scattered some of his own wildflowers in my life this year. I am trying not to fret about which flowers will take root and grow. I need to remember His mix of flowers will be much more lovely than any flower garden I might have planted.


  1. Those wild flowers are beautiful!!! So glad they are there for you to enjoy. I hope you go cut some of them and put them on your table. Love you, Cami!

  2. i love wildflowers, especially lately, when i am learning their names!