Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Life | Full and Overflowing

Life these days has been full. Over-flowing is perhaps a more truthful description. We've had meetings, training sessions, planning, shopping, and most importantly a birthday party.

My sweet Mercy turned five yesterday. We celebrated grandly and then hopped right back onto the busy train. I haven't even looked at all 602 photos my brother took from the party. But this one caught my eye and I love it!

Soon (I hope) I will be back posting.


  1. I love it that you can see joy on her face, even while blowing out the candles :) Your brother takes amazing photos :) Can't wait to see the blog of the PARTY!!!! :)

  2. Great picture. She looks so mature and happy. I love how Makenna is in the background and it's obvious how happy she is for Mercy.

  3. thanks for sharing! what a perfect moment. i can't wait to see more.